Nassau 🚢🧜‍♀️ Atlantis

As fundraising for the mission trips comes to an end I set sail 2 more times before departing on the mission trip to Africa. The first sailing is to Nassau again. This time with MSC. This will be my first time cruising with them. I have many clients waiting to hear if this cruise line can compare to Royal Or Norwegian.

Right now I know MSC is budget friendly. Meaning kids under 12 sail free, they will match your level of loyalty to other cruise lines and their price points is between carnival and royal. What I do not joe today is are they truly worth it ? That is what I plan on letting everyone know my honest opinion in the next couple days 🧐💯. If you are interested in travel and cruising please follow along on Facebook, TikTok and this blog 😜

Magnets are always awesome to find your cabin door

Also in Nassau this time I will be spending the day in Atlantis resort🧜‍♀️. Cannot wait to experience the marine life, the beaches and absolutely everything they have there. I will be giving a full review as well with pictures and videos during my time there.

Atlantis Bahamas

Mission to Malawi

It has been awhile since I have blogged. Last blog I went into detail about how and why we are embarking on this particular mission trip. I also mentioned that we would be starting the ground work for our mission trip to Malawi Africa. That is exactly why the halt in posts from me. We have several fundraisers going. T shirts, car washes, bake sales, egg my yard for Easter, yard sales, auction coming up, raffles for a handmade kitchen table and cutting board just to list are a few. The raffles will be done live online May 1st. The Auction will be held April 9th at our local high school here in Prairie Grive Arkansas. Any and all prayers and donations are greatly appreciated.

We have the pure charity link, a Venmo and a local bank that has an account set up for our mission trip. If you would like to know more please contact me. I would love to tell you more about 2nd milk and what they strive to accomplish and why this is an amazing organization.

Cutting board to be raffles off May 1st 😉
This is why ……..

Mission to Malawi Africa

Here it is! I have been busy putting together the links and social media posts letting everyone know that my daughter Lauren and I are headed to Malawi Africa. We are headed there with an amazing organization called 2nd Milk. This organization is committed to saving the most vulnerable population in the world, orphaned infants. Orphaned children in Malawi face malnutrition, inadequate opportunities and lack of support. 2nd milk provides formula, clean bottles, porridge along with physical and spiritual support. Did you know that the average woman in Malawi will bear 5 to 6 children but less than half will live past the age of 5 years old! That’s absolutely devastating to me. I myself have 10 children. I cannot imagine half of my children not thriving. Can you ? Stop and think about your children for a moment.

Now that we are all so thankful for our children and the country we live in let’s do something for those who need help. That’s exactly what I did back some years ago. I started sponsoring an amazing baby. Her name is Diana. She was severely malnourished when I began sponsoring her. She has an amazing story and she graduated the program. 😀 You read that right. This is not all gloom. No. She received the nutrients and became a healthy beautiful little baby girl and is flourishing today.

We sponsored her until she graduated the program 😃

We went on to sponsor another infant in need of clean bottles and formula. Her story was not a happy ending. Her mother had did of aids. She had contracted aids through her mother. She died January 11,2022 due to complications of aids.

She is being held here by a local villager

Upon her passing we received the news and were asked what to do with our sponsorship. Should we stop sponsoring ? Should we sponsor another infant ? Our hearts are broke. We had a great triumph. We had a great loss.

Time for prayer

Yes. We will sponsor another child but who. Who needs us. An immediate email back. We have a little girl that’s a brand new intake. They have been keeping her alive on powder. Her momma died of pneumonia. Daddy can’t find work. Siblings don’t eat but maybe once a day. 😶 Thats our girl!!!. Transfer our sponsorship immediately please was my reply. What’s her name was the next.

Meet Cynthia

This is our girl. Which leads me to the next email correspondence. Mission trip invitation! This is where that happens. The ball starts rolling and yes I would love to come and be part of the field. What do I do? Start fundraising !!!!! The t shirts attached are available for $28 the proceeds go to support the mission at this link for general information on the mission and donations of any amount please use this link Now that I have shared my story I would like to invite you to share my story as well. If you are so inclined you are welcome to follow along on Facebook JustinScheina Goodhart as that is where the fundraising posts will be most abundant. I will share the t shirts below as well . Please ask any questions you have. Prayers and any support are greatly appreciated.

Elements of Life

It’s been a few days since I have posted. Covid hit. We had to reschedule our cruise as you are aware. I did post about that. Covid reschedule my surgery as well but only for a week. A lovely snow and ice storm hit our area closing the schools down and many businesses as well.

The morning of surgery I was stressing a little about the hospital canceling due to road conditions. And how that would affect the new cruise scheduled and the domino effect of all the other things I have scheduled. I simply don’t have time for anymore rescheduling 😬

My jeep

Thankfully I am blessed to own a jeep. Her name is Wanderer. The hospital called and ask if I could make it in and I said absolutely.

Headed to surgery

I am a woman with a busy schedule 😜 I have cruises to go on, business to run, kids to feed a fundraiser to organize the list goes on and on! Must get the healing started 🤨

Home and healing

Now that’s out of the way. Here I am starting on the fundraising projects I recently blogged about for Africa. I will be blogging about that more in depth really soon. The very next step for me will be Feb 18 moms day off trip with an amazing bestie and then departing Feb 25 in the cruise to Nassau with Bridgette FINALLY as long as our covid tests are negative this time 🤪. Let’s get those out of the way shall we 😊

Til then Alaska is on duty

Eureka Springs Heart of the Ozark’s in 24 Hours

Arkansas is the most bipolar state when it comes to weather. One day it’s beautiful, sunny, short wearing, grass and fun in the 🌞! That afternoon it’s jeans, hoodies and put the top back on the jeep don’t forget the 4 wheel drive spitting ice and ❄️! No lie that’s truly how it is living here in Arkansas. Plus if you are truly born and raised in the Ozark mountains you are well equipped with this phenomenon. Those of us know to not be afraid and we know how to prepare and how to drive in such road conditions. We have chains for cars, front wheel drives, all wheel drives and 4 wheel drives and legit can drive in all weather conditions. We keep our pantries stocked all year round with the essentials. No need to go crazy at the sign of snowflake. Those of us hillbillies as the folks that move into our state kindly call us see a sparkle of a snowflake or hear that one May be coming go to the local grocery stores and act like complete fools. Dare I say? To the point our locals create social media memes talking about them rushing to the local stores to buy up all the bread, milk and basically all the essentials due to snow in forecast. I bring this up simply because as the girls and I headed out for our small get away the snow storm was coming in. I received numerous texts concerned that I was still leaving town. Of course I’m going, I drive a jeep, I’m from here and I am not afraid of some snow.

5 am as I packed to leave the snow began

Eureka springs is only about 1.5 hour drive in good conditions. Yes we are in the Ozark mountains. We are booked to stay in the historic 1905 Basin Park Hotel which is one of the most haunted hotel in downtown Eureka Springs. Yes!!!!

8 am and it is take off time

Time to depart our plan is to arrive and to eat lunch at the Horseshoe before checking in at the 1905 Basin Park Hotel because once we arrive downtown the jeep will be parked and we will then use our provided shuttle for all activities the Basin has planned for us 😎. We also have planned on doing downtown shopping of course which is steps away from the hotel.

Our friendly hostess at the horseshoe

Checking in at The Basin was amazing. They carried our luggage up to our room. Directed us to the parking area. The shuttle picked us up and promptly brought us back to the Basins front doors. We headed to our room to check it out and then downtown to shop until our first free activity. Free activities. Oh yes! The Basin offers activities to those who stay with them. We chose the whiskey tasting and the hot mineral pool today. The Basin is owned by the same lady that owns the Crescent. Yes the famous most haunted Crescent Hotel. That is where they will shuttle us later today to enjoy the hot mineral pool. As for now we will shop downtown Eureka.

It’s 4:00 time for the whiskey tasting ! I have no idea what to expect. Never been to one before. I’m sure it will be great. Oh and it was. Have you every crawled down a real life rabbit hole ? Me either. But now I have ! Yes!!!!! Below are the pictures to prove it. Apparently back many years ago this is how Jack Rabbit got away when the need arose! This is also his bar still located right here in the Basin. We also learned that the tunnels actually run throughout EUREKA to escape fires.

Jack Rabbit Bar inside the Basin
Jacks escape rabbit hole right next to the bar
Yes. I gotta see what’s down there
Peer pressure. After 34 years of friendship she trusts me 🤪
Sketchy 😂
The gangs here
I love history
Very beautiful set up
So it begins
I’m not a whiskey drinker. Becky is. But this one is smooth surprise!

We really enjoyed this experience. The rabbit hole. The history. The whiskey. I wasn’t sure what to expect but you put it all together and I will do this again absolutely. Hands down! In fact we found ourselves talking about it all as we grabbed our swimsuits and grabbed the shuttle to the crescent laughing the entire way to the mineral hot pool. That’s right next stop is the crescent 🌙 and the hot mineral pool in the snow ❄️

Crescent 🌙
Don’t forget about the crescent famous cat 😊

Now we are absolutely starving and our shuttle driver has informed us the storm has literally shut all the restaurants down. The roads are treacherous. No problem because we are staying at the amazing Basin. We will eat there! Back to the the Basin for food and then back to the game room and to explore our haunted hotel 🏨

Jack Rabbits Game room and bar
Exploring 6 floor
I bet in the 1900s this was an amazing ballroom
Today it seems small to be a ballroom
Eureka from the top of the basin
6th floor view

This is an amazing historic town. I absolutely love visiting eureka anytime of year. I actually got married right downtown here. I spent my honeymoon right here in the basin. There are so many things to do and see here. I spent my childhood working nearby at Turpentine Creek (big cat) Wildlife Refuge. I adopt a tiger each year as an adult. In 2015 a brought a youth group over to help build new habitats for the big cats. A month ago wanderer (my jeep)and I came and participated in the jeep jam for veterans. Eureka will forever hold a special meaning to me. I hope if you get the chance come experience the heart of Eureka Springs and the Ozark Mountains 🏔

Covid upgraded our cruise today!

Yes. You read that correctly. My daughter and I went today for our travel covid testing. She is already packed. All but toiletries of course.

Bridgette packing

Covid is really going crazy in our part of the world right now. Northwest Arkansas. We have had a lot of flu as well. A lot of snow. A lot of everything.


Now last weekend I left town for a small get away. Pre planned of course. And I will absolutely write about that soon. As I came home I helped Bridgette pack the essential clothing she would need and not a thing more. I said I do not like packing around extra items. So today was the day. 8 am doctors visits for pre planned travel covid testing. Now my doctor office is amazing. The nurse ask me if we wanted to wait. I said “nah, we will drop by shortly and pick up our documents, thank you”. Shortly after leaving I receive a call from the very same sweet nurse saying “uhm Scheina your test is positive sweetheart you have got to go home and rest”. Well. Crap. Okay. So now is the time to start rescheduling.

Goodbye radiance

Now to call carnival and the airline. As I call I’m coughing and can’t form any words. How did I miss this ? Well, I suppose because I was having fun that’s how 😜🤩

Hot mineral pool over the weekend

I mean it’s just a cough. And I was out in the cold most of the weekend. So why is a cough a crime ? Well since covid seems to have taken over our world. That’s when ! I’m diabetic as well. So guessing covid decided to impose on my immune system while I was vacationing.

Fun means covid is at play

I come home and call the cruise line and airlines. They were amazing. Yes. I’m a travel agent. But I didn’t feel like jumping on my iPad. Just wanted to call and be done. Ok. So maybe I do feel bad. Bridgette and I originally had planned to sail to Ensenada for a couple days. As I coughed and talked to the rep online she said “girl I feel you, your all good” as we talked and bonded over our rambunctious dogs in the background noise I remembered I had promotions for only travel agents! The next thing I know we have changed my Mexico bound cruise to Bahamas bound in February. No price difference by the way. So now I’m thinking warmer, Bahamas, balcony, upgraded room and I will feel much better than I do now. Ok ✅ it’s a win for covid and for Us as well.

Duchess and Alaska
My covid rendezvous crew from the weekend

Covid you can’t win unless we let you win. Stay positive my friends. No pun intended😜😎 planning to cruise 🚢 February 25th

Mission vs Travel

Traveling for me is about wandering. Wandering into spaces of the unknown for me. Experiencing different views. Expected and unexpected. Learning and expanding my mind. Ever changing views. Literally. Sights. Smells. Tastes. Etc. I am a Gemini. That may tell you all you need to know right there. I believe we do not take things or items when we die. I am a Christian as well. I do not store items or collect things that have no value when I die. I store memories like a dragon stores treasures.

I sponsor a couple of children. One in the philistines who is doing very well. I sponsored an infant in Africa who graduated the program last year then went on to sponsor another infant who passed away last week. After her passing due to complications of HIV the wonderful people ask if I wanted to sponsor an infant new to the program who needed a sponsor still. Of course I am not new to sponsoring with this organization and ask for this infants demographics. After reading and understanding her needs I said yes.

Yesterday as I conducted my business at home. Dealing with kids home from school due to school shut down. And still corresponding with the ministry and sponsorship transfer the subject came up about a mission trip to Africa to help out hands on as well. Now I why haven’t I thought about this before? I mean I love to travel. Why has this not hit my heart before? A few years back during my ministry I said eventually when all the kids were grown my goal was to go to the Philistines and see Princess Areya and volunteer there for a time. That’s been my goal for some years now. But when did it have to be only when the kids where all grown and moved out? Why do we lay out our plans and never go back and think about revising?

Our lives change daily. So if we are ever changing shouldn’t we be revisiting what we have set for our goals as well? We can’t go backward. Have we missed some opportunities because we are sleep walking ? Now my ever wandering mind is in hyper speed !

2022 has just began. I have said yes to the mission trip with 2nd milk ministry in June. I believe in what they do. I have been sponsoring infants with them for 3 years. I have seen the amazing work they do in Malawi Africa. As of right now all I know is 5 things 1- it’s expensive to go on a mission trip 2- they said they will help me set up fundraising projects and I have no idea how to do that 3- it will be worth the hard work 4- it will be an experience like no other 5-this is not travel this is a mission to love others and to serve others

9 days and counting

9 days and as of today our school district has made the decision to go virtual for a few days due to covid again. Now, I know covid is not new. Bridgette is stressing about the increase in our area of positive cases and about how close our trip is. At this point all I can say is that we must take each day as it comes. The news and the media constantly tell us about the statistics. What they do not tell us is how to stay positive and hopeful. Yes we will be disappointed if we do not fly out on our planned itinerary. It is not the end of the world 🌎. We will reschedule. Fall back and regroup. All the stress and worry that bring so many of us down daily is absolutely a choice. A mindset. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. Yes, Covid 19 is horrible. I have lost 2 of my very own brothers in 2021. I have felt the impact. What I am saying is that we can chose how we let Covid 19 control our mindsets and our lives. Do we allow covid to drive us to make choices and changes out of fear? Do we allow covid to cause terrible anxiety in our daily lives? Or do we acknowledge the virus and make lifestyle changes? Do we learn to adapt in a way that allows us to be aware and respectful to the virus but also allow us to take control of our lives? I know that we chose to show our children here to learn to adapt and to not let fear control their lives. Travel is an amazing avenue to learn more about our world. Continuous learning is also a way to learn how to adapt to challenging situations yet to come.

As for our trip in 9 days, in 1 week we have our scheduled PCR tests at our PCP. If our tests are negative then we will jump for joy and come home to pack. 🧳

Accidental Wandering On The Dark Side

I wandered into my local natural grocers to pick up some necessities. I’m stocking up the family that will be left at home while I am away legit wandering. Of course I am also preparing my bag as well. I’m going through getting the usual then like divine intervention the chocolate isle called to me like a crystal calling my name.

Down the isle I went. Thinking okay I will get the usual and pack it for the cruise. But that’s when it happened! All the new choices! When? How? What? Where did all these come from? I really do mean where? Now I can’t stand here in the store all day and research these like a weirdo. So, we have a dilemma. The only logical thing I can think to do is buy one of each😎. I will simply research them at home. Problem solved there.

Chocolove salted peanut butter is voted a favorite of the household. Creamy and amazing. Chocolove Ruby is voted THE ONE. I will explain about this gem in more detail below. Endangered species chocolate tastes just like dove but better. Lily’s is sugar free and great for diabetics like myself.

Ruby chocolate
Poem inside the wrapper

Ruby chocolate is a variety of chocolate introduced in 2017 by Barry Callebaut, a Belgian–Swiss cocoa company. In development since 2004, it was patented in 2015. Despite having no added berries, flavor or coloring, ruby chocolate still tastes pretty fruity. The chocolate boasts a sweet, berry-like flavor with a slightly tart after-note. It’s completely unlike milk or dark chocolate, seeing that it’s not overly milky or bitter.

Ruby will be cruising with us. Absolutely delicious. Wandering down the wrong aisle worked out for us 😂🤩🤩✅

16 Days and Counting

16 days 8 hours 24 minutes until my 14 year old daughter and I set sail. This is her birthday wish. This is her first flight and first sailing. This is one of my many journeys but the very first with just Bridgette and I.

This is sure to be a different journey. One that I’m just not sure how to prepare myself for. I mean that I’m not sure how to prepare myself mentally and physically. What should I pack? I know what I normally pack. But…. Uncharted. Exciting. Unknown Territory 🧐

Bridgette is the next to youngest of the girls. She is in the left end.
Bridgette on the left side end
This is all the girls and myself

So, you may ask what’s the problem? Why am I overthinking the packing. Because I’m a minimalist. I pack lightly. I don’t like clutter and over packing. I have instructed Bridgette exactly what to pack and not to pack. Yes! I will absolutely be going through her bag before we load it up into the jeep and departing our home. In fact this will be one of those video uploads on Facebook and TikTok page along with Q&A thread.

Great minds think a like so maybe packing will go just as well

Bridgette goes with me a lot out on my daily business and has always done well. She is quick to adjust to any situation. She rarely complains when journeys are long out serving legal documents. She asks questions about our heritage and loves to learn new things. She has an eagerness to learn the history of where she is visiting such as New Orleans, LA. Bridgette has traveled a lot within the United States. I want to clarify that. This is her first out of the states travel and first flight.

I want to leave you with a question to think about. Do you think that traveling is an addiction or does it actually come from your heritage? From your ancestors?